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Denise Cheng

Denise Cheng

Denise Cheng is a civic media enthusiast and a lover of [almost] all things fascinating. She hails from the West Coast but has bounced about, from stints in the Midwest with The Oxford Press in Ohio, In These Times in Chicago, and as a founding member and the citizen journalism coordinator for The Rapidian, seeded by the first round of the Knight Community Information Challenge. On the Left Coast, she designed and taught new media programming at Portland Community Media and helped with outreach for The Journalism Accelerator. Now easterly, she came in on a fellowship with CUNY J-School's entrepreneurial incubator, is pursuing a masters in comparative media studies at MIT and is a research teamster at the MIT Center for Civic Media.

In her spare time, Denise loves to make things, undertake biking explorations and food challenges, work with neighborhoods and keep up with her fellow Block-by-Blockers. You can find out more and keep up with her at her blog.

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