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Tyler Dahlberg

Tyler Dahlberg

Tyler Dahlberg works as a geospatial solutions specialist at Azavea, a geospatial data analysis and software development firm in Philadelphia. He cut his geo-teeth while working at the Iowa State University GIS Lab while earning his B.S. in environmental science. After graduation Dahlberg worked as an analyst for the New York State Department of Health where he mapped the prevalence of HIV. While earning his M.S. in GIS for development and the environment at Clark University, he researched the spatial clustering of pre-term births in Worcester, predicted the spread of malaria in Africa due to climate change, and helped the Wildlife Conservation Society target efforts to preserve Papua New Guinea’s coastline.

Dahlberg won a Summer of Maps Fellowship from Azavea in 2013, where his work analyzing bicycle theft throughout Philadelphia struck a chord, garnering press and exposure for the project. Concurrently, he helped the Coalition Against Hunger target outreach and marketing efforts with GIS.

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