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Pew research roundup: Digital media and election 2012

Recently the Pew Internet and American Life Project has released a flurry of reports on the role of digital media in this U.S. election season:

Social Media and Political Engagement. Pew found that two thirds of social media users—(nearly one in four U.S. adults) have used social media to do at least one of eight civic or political activities -- including encouraging people to vote, posting their political or civic thoughts or opinions, and follow elected officials or candidates for office. People who self-identify as liberal are far more likely to use social media (79%) than moderates (70%) or conservatives (63%).

Presidential Campaign Donations in the Digital Age. "10% of 2012 presidential campaign donors have contributed via text message or cell phone app. Democrats are more likely to contribute online or directly from their cell phone, while Republicans are more likely to contribute in person, by phone call, or via regular mail."

Online Political Videos and Campaign 2012. This year, nearly half of registered voters have watched online video news reports about the election or politics. Also, one in four have watched recorded videos of candidate speeches, press conferences, or debates; or informational videos online that explain a political issue. Nearly as many have watched humorous or parody videos dealing with political issues, or political advertisements online. Just over one fourth have watched live online videos of candidate speeches, press conferences, or debates.

Also, see our summary of an earlier Pew report, Mobile Politics.

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