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The future of media: Algorithmic, personalized, visual

by: Nancy Yoshihara |

Kevin Kelly, who is a co-founder and former executive editor of Wired magazine, says we will have an ecosystem of filters, human and algorithmic, where personalization will increasingly be part of  the process of how we produce and consume news.   

“This is inevitable that we have machine intelligence involved and actually shaping what we see. We see this issue with Facebook and Twitter in terms of curating our timeline; that’s just the beginning,” Kelly said in an edited transcript of an interview with RJI Futures Lab #149 Technology forces shaping the future. 

In the transcript he provides detailed observations drawn from his upcoming book, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, which is scheduled to be released in June. 

In the Futures Lab video, Kelly highlights: 

  • Scarcity of human attention, which makes our attention valuable. What if consumers were paid for their attention instead of the money going to adveritising companies? Ads would then flow freely and virally without publishers choosing which advertisments are seen.
  • Artificial Intelligence will become a commodity like electricity. Journalism now is using AI to compose simple stories with no human invovlement. But already artificial intelligence is being used to augment reporting. He cites the example of the New York Times using AI and massive census data to find Trump followers. 
  • We are not reading. We are screening as images replace text. We are becoming "people of the screen."
  • Text and images will come together to form a new kind of media. Technology is less about the new than about recombining in new ways. The value in remixing is to create more possibilities. 
  • With virtual reality, we’re moving from having information at any time to the sharing of experiences. VR is all about sharing.

Nancy Yoshihara

Nancy Yoshihara is content manager at KDMC and its website with a focus on News for Digital Innovators and Tools, Tips
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