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KDMC shifts primary focus to consulting, archives web resources

by: KDMC Staff |

The Knight Digital Media Center is pivoting effective June 30, moving from offering formal subsidized training programs to expanding its consultancy with a focus on development of digital strategy and implementation for organizations - particularly news outlets, foundations and nonprofits - seeking to provide news and information for, and deepen their engagement with, defined communities and constituencies.

Our training resources and blogs will remain available on an archived version of this site, generally accessible without creating a user account.

During the last decade, amid massive shifts in news distribution and consumption, the center was tasked with helping traditional journalism leaders as well as new actors in the news ecology adapt to a dynamic digital, mobile and social information landscape.

To meet this challenge, the center developed multi-pronged strategies for distinctly different stakeholders. Between 2006 and 2016, the center trained and coached hundreds of news and information providers, including:

  • Executives from newspapers and public broadcast outlets who sought to develop strategies and tactics for newsroom transformation;
  • Journalism entrepreneurs, often laid off in newsroom downsizing, who were determined to launch news sites; and
  • Activists from local foundations and nonprofits seeking to improve access to civic information in their communities by supporting news and information projects to fill voids left as traditional sources contracted.

The center's training free programs and fee-based consulting focused on raising digital literacy, fostering strategic thinking, and promoting leadership, entrepreneurship and culture change within organizations large and small.

We have been gratified to see remarkable impact from our decade of work: From legacy newsrooms that changed their structure, focus and culture to meet the demands of digital and mobile audiences to news entrepreneurs and other local information providers who created new models for community engagement and sustainability.

Learn more about our work since 2006 here.

If you are interested in KDMC's consulting services, you can learn more here.