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[Archived Webinar, June 2014] Adventures in Citizen Reporting: The Medium IS the Message

What do a community foundation, a news café and the local daily newspaper have in common – not much until they started working together to build a ‘more informed and engaged community’. How do you lay the ground work, grow a citizen reporting project beyond expectations, and serve the community in a whole new way? Learn how one community foundation has tapped into citizen reporting to engage local residents.


This webinar was held on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 11 a.m. PST


Who should take this course
  • Community foundations
  • Nonprofits and charitable organizations
  • Journalists
What you will learn
  • How community news projects can broaden your foundation’s leadership and reach and be mission-driven. 
  • How to build collaborations with organizations that have not previously worked together.
  • How to increase community engagement through citizen reporting.

LuAnn Lovlin and Noah Erenberg

LuAnn Lovlin is Director of Communications at The Winnipeg Foundation. Noah Erenberg is Convenor of the foundation's Community News Commons,
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