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[Archived Webinar, April 2013] What’s Up: Turning Local News Into Information Empowerment

Families who face job loss often struggle getting information when they need it. This webinar will focus on a system that delivers real-time employment service information traditionally found online into “offline” channels that people use every day. What’s Up is an automated network of digital signs, webpage, print materials, and an all-access phone system.


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Who should take this course:

Community foundation officers, developers and nonprofits that seek to connect community members with information that will better their lives and engage them in the local community.

What you will learn:

1. Why it is important to establish easy access to online information on offline channels to reach all members of the community.

2. How the Incourage Community Foundation's What's Up initiative is informing and engaging local citizens in Central Wisconsin.

3. Key lessons from the initative (so far) and best practices for other foundations.

Liz Everson and Leo Burd

Since 2010, Incourage Community Foundation and MIT Center for Civic Media have partnered to explore and test technology as a
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