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Best Social Media and Networking Skills and Practices for Foundation Leaders (Miami, FL.)

Instructor: KDMC Staff

Knight Digital Media Center presented a unique half-day pre-workshop at the Knight Media Learning Seminar. The sessions explored how community foundation leaders can use social media to elevate their thought leadership.

Among the presenters:

  • Beth Kanter, a nationally recognized expert in social media strategy for nonprofit organizations and an author of The Networked Nonprofit and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.
  • Amy Gahran, a media consultant and mobile specialist who covers mobile technology for cnn.com and entrepreneur.com.
  • Stephanie Rudat, a digital marketing consultant who works with nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations.

Topics on:

  • Major social networks and how they and their users differ
  • Best practices for using social media
  • Thought leadership on social media