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Community News Leadership 3.0

Independent local online news publishers flock to sponsored content

5/31/2016 | by: Michele McLellan

A new survey of independent online local news publishers indicates they are making progress in increasing their revenue and diversifying the sources of revenue, including selling native advertising. 

News for Digital Innovators

KDMC shifts primary focus to consulting, archives web resources

6/15/2016 | by: KDMC Staff

The Knight Digital Media Center is pivoting effective June 30, moving from offering formal subsidized training programs to expanding its consultancy with a focus on development of digital strategy and implementation for news outlets, foundations and nonprofits. 

Community News Leadership 3.0

Local news publishing on Medium: Exploring pros & cons

6/14/2016 | by: Amy Gahran

Sometimes, the effort and expense of running a website can hinder the work of informing and engaging communities. Third-party publishing platforms such as Medium offer some solutions to these hassles, with tradeoffs.

KDMC Consulting

Knight Digital Media Center experts are available for consulting partnerships to help news and nonprofit organizations adapt to the digital information landscape. Learn more here.

Training Spotlight

Social Media & Philanthropy (Miami, FL.)

Knight Digital Media Center presented a workshop for participants in the Knight Media Learning Seminar in Miami. Workshop participants learned about effective practices for gaining visibility and engagement on social platforms.

Communication and Engagement in a Networked, Digital World (New Orleans, LA.)

Knight Digital Media Center presented a day-long workshop for foundation communications professionals as part of the CommA Days conference in New Orleans. Participants learned about strategies in communication and engagement on digital, mobile and social platforms.