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Strategic use of social platforms can include finding sources that lead to better journalism, sharing content more effectively and figuring out what “works” through tracking who sees your posts.

The history, inner-workings, and case studies of spatial analysis.

Find the right metrics to assess the impact of community information.

Find the right metrics to assess the impact of community information.

Organizations can build effective impact measurement when it becomes part of the story planning process. 

How can your nonprofit news organization combine social sharing with fundraising and digital engagement? Find out as Lisa Williams discusses lessons learned from dozens of trials of Impaq.me, a tool that allows supporters of community and investigative newsrooms to raise money for hte newsroom by sharing articles with their friends and followers on social media.

Google Analytics. Facebook Insights. Klout scores. There are lots of analytics available to community publishers. But it's not easy to figure out which ones are meaningful. This webinar will help you identify metrics that you can use to develop strategies to build your audience.

Explore tools and methods the civic sector is using to collect and understand community data.

Improve your ability to use and understand web metrics, including Google Analytics and Facebook Insights with this free hands-on webinar.

Why are metrics and measurement tools essential for web–based programs and projects? Which tools are important —and how are they used? Get the the basics of using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Tweetreach on this introductory module.